Went through the thousands of emails and came up with the Top 6 as voted by you the Public. Votes were tallied by the Rules and Terms we posted. 1 vote per email address allowed. If anyone tried to vote more then once using the same email address, we accepted their very first vote (time stamped) and discarded their following emails.

We did not take it upon our selfs to disqualify any character that was voted for. Also I want to state that I did not have any influence on the results, heck I didn't even vote because I wanted to keep it 100% real.

Here are the results:
1) Yakface (ROTJ)
2) Ben Skywalker (Expanded Universe)
3) Tonnika Sisters (ANH)
4) Emperor Palpatine (ROTJ)
5) ARC Trooper Fives (The Clone Wars Series)
6) Pong Krell (The Clone Wars Series)

I will pass along our Top 6 to Hasbro. They will combine our results with all the other participating websites and the final vote will take place at StarWars.com, which will run from April 26-30.