As we first reported back on 10/20, Best Buy stores have been receiving full cases of The Black Series 6-Inch 34: Darth Revan figures. Stopped by my local store today to pick up some movies and noticed that they received a few more cases of Revan, so I started to look through them and noticed right away that the paint applications were different from the previous ones that I found. His Helmet had bright red paint and his armor was painted a darker metallic rose (middle photo in comparison pic above). This was not a one off figure as there was 10 of them on the shelve when I left. Per the date stamp this puts this one as the 2nd release.

• 1st release. (DS 62701) - Red paint used on Helmet.

• 2nd release. (DS 62931) - Bright red paint used on Helmet. Armor is painted darker metallic rose.

• 3rd release. (DS 81281) - Dark Maroon paint used on Helmet.

You can check out a side-by-side comparison photo of the 3 different paint variants above or visit the figures page for other images. I know some people don't are about variants but we post them for those that do.