Was out Christmas shopping today and stopped by my local Texas Target store and one of the employees was stocking the shelves with a couple cases of their Exclusive TBS 6-Inch Gamorrean Guard figures, which I have not seen in stores since October.

Not sure if this is the last round of these hitting stores Nationwide or if some cases were just found in the fulfillment warehouse that ships to my local stores.

If your in need you can check your local stores with DPCI# 087-16-0238. Brickseek does not work. I had the employee check local stores and some had 4-8 figures, while Brickseek showed 0 within 250 miles.

Update: Since our post, I have been receiving lots of reports of people finding these from Coast to Coast this weekend. Since the DPCI does not work at Brickseek, try the TCIN# "53321326" at "popfindr.com" if your in need to check your local stores instead of calling.