Just received my HASLAB The Vintage Jabba's Sail Barges today and noticed they arrived in a purple stripe and text factory Shipping box, instead of the all black text and stripe shippers that were arriving to customers last week.

More than likely Hasbro has changed to the all black shippers to cut cost as they did with the Black Series 6-inch cases, which we reported about a few weeks ago.

If the Sail Barges follow suite as The Black Series 6-Inch cases, the Barges with the purple text and stripe had the earlier date stamps, while the all black cases had the later.

The date stamp (found on the small end of the box) on my purple stripe cases is 83321. If you have received yours, please post what shipper you received and the date stamp.

Also, we know most people could care less, but we are just trying obtain info for those curious.